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This comprehensive module teaches employees how to respond to others in distress, manage states of crises and de-escalate stressful situations. Additionally, employees learn how to improve their own well-being by managing their thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Our screening packages help to reduce sick days and illnesses in the workplace, all while increasing performance output and improving employee resilience.

We help make champions and mental health ambassadors in organizations by building capacity and instilling essential skills for effective communication, coping, stress management and greater resilience.

Our tailor-made sessions will help to address the specific mental health needs of your employees. Additionally, our workshops can help reduce stigma in the workplace and encourage help-seeking behaviors.

Our mental health screening tools and reports help to assess the need of care and level of severity in your employees, all while maintaining confidentiality.

We offer individual phone-counseling sessions for your employees, with a call-in or request call-out option. Clients can then discuss a range of issues pertaining to their ersonal and professional lives.

Your high mobility, lifting and weight handling workers can continue working with the assurance of health and safety protocols guaranteed for their physical and holistic well-being.

Our structured treatment and diagnostic plans will help employees manage their chronic illnesses, increasing productivity and overall general well-being in the workplace.

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