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Health Service Delivery

Reshaping health systems for integrated care

IRD is at the forefront of building novel health infrastructure. Our goal is to improve the access and quality of health services delivered to under-resourced areas in both rural and urban communities. Our team leverages process and technology innovations to address global health delivery gaps through the use of game-changing health market innovations. Examples include the use of incentivization models to improve vaccine coverage, integrated health services for TB comorbidities including diabetes, mental health and smoking cessation and creating unique referral networks in schools to galvanize adolescent girls to join the fight against TB and other diseases.

Health Research

Paving the way for evidence-based solutions

Health innovation and research is the foundation on which IRD was founded. IRD brings over a decade of technical expertise in research design, large scale systematic data collection, randomized control trials, cohort and case-control studies, disease surveillance and qualitative research. With such diverse and multidisciplinary expertise across our network, the insights gained from our research are used to facilitate unique solutions for health service delivery and influence policy. Today IRD liaisons work with governments and recognized public and private partners across the globe to improve our understanding of the epidemiology of disease and interventions for diagnosis, treatment and control.

Health Technology

Fostering a culture of innovation and creativity

IRD is a pioneering force for developing and implementing technology innovations in mobile health applications, interactive SMS systems and electronic medical record systems for under- resourced communities. This has allowed IRD to execute large scale programs that enable efficiencies in mass screening, real time data collection, and monitoring and evaluation - and in turn link healthcare providers to patients for improved patient treatment and compliance. Our technological innovations have led us to establish and spin off an independent venture in 2013, Interactive Health Solutions

Health Communications

Inspiring communities and motivating change

At IRD, we combine real insights, technical expertise and fresh thinking to inspire behavior change within communities. It is our priority to understand each community’s social value system, attitudes and beliefs to appropriately design tools and select communication channels that ignite healthy behaviors. We strive to create engaging and accessible resources that respond to the needs of communities across the globe. All of our communication strategies are a key driving force behind programs to yield better results and shape healthier lives. Each tool is designed with an in-depth understanding of the patient journey at every stage, from lack of awareness about a condition, through diagnosis and treatment, and all the way to the end to disease management.

Capacity Building

Maximizing impact

We inspire individuals, communities and health service providers to become active participants of change. Real improvements in healthcare only take place when individuals realize their full potential and take ownership for their communities. By advocating for innovative bottom up approaches, we have the potential to drive generational change in our communities. IRD employs life-skills based trainings, vocational trainings and community engagement through various programs to achieve these goals.

Social Entrepreneurship

Building sustainable solutions

Sustainable health systems enable long term impact and create ownership from communities. At IRD we have spun off an independent venture - Community Health Solutions (CHS). CHS is dedicated to scaling programs that combine social good for the poor with business models tailored for sustainability. CHS specializes in working with the private healthcare sector, which is often the first point of contact for the working poor in many settings. They operate public-private partnerships that bring private sector ethos and efficiencies to public sector services that are often beset by systemic issues   The CHS team has extensive experience in scaling health delivery programs for infectious and non-communicable diseases – from diagnostics to treatment – through business models that reach millions of people in low income communities.

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