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The Tasweer-e-Zindagi TB Photovoice project aims to create awareness about tuberculosis (TB) by putting the voices of people affected by TB at the forefront of dialogue on this disease.

The project uses Photovoice to understand the situation faced by all those affected by TB: patients, their families, and community health workers, and to share their stories with community members, policy makers, and relevant organizations to raise awareness and support for TB.

Participants were eagerly involved in the project, taking snapshots of their daily lives and discussing the images they shared. The photographs document various aspects of the disease. While TB poses many difficulties and challenges, there are also a number of factors that support patients and people affected by the disease during their path to recovery. The project has been very successful in understanding the barriers that impede TB prevention, treatment and care. It is imperative that the lessons learned from the project are incorporated in TB programs and future projects.


We, the participants of the Tasweer-e-Zindagi project, call for support for the following six steps to be taken to reduce the spread of this disease and to create a supportive environment for people affected by TB.


The Tasweer-e-Zindagi gallery event received coverage in eight leading English language papers in Pakistan, nine Urdu newspapers, and several online sources. Seven leading television news channels also covered the event.


This study provides a look at the complexities surrounding TB and emphasizes the need for holistic interventions for TB that address all aspects of the disease, including its social determinants. It also highlights the potential of Photovoice as an effective means to bring much-needed attention to this disease.


This film provides an overview of the Tasweer-e-Zindagi TB Photovoice project, a PhotoVoice project with people affected by TB. TB patients, their family members, and TB treatment supporters were given cameras and asked to document their experiences, challenges, and supportive factors. This film shares the experiences of participants during the project.


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