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Procurement of chest X-ray hardware, X-ray image storage solutions, AI algorithm software for mass screening for tuberculosis

30th September 2022


IRD is a global health delivery and research network working in over 15 countries. IRD Global is the headquarters organization based in Singapore and has country affiliate offices in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe. For more information, visit

IRD Global is seeking expressions of interest from potential suppliers of digital chest X-ray equipment, X-ray image storage solutions, and AI algorithm-based software solutions for mass screening for TB in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC) settings. This EOI is the first stage of the procurement process to identify a potential list of suppliers, their range of solutions, and prices for the required equipment. We will not be making any procurement decisions as a result of this EOI. A formal Request for Proposal (RFP) with complete terms and conditions may be circulated at a later stage to a selected group of potential suppliers shortlisted based on their responses to this EOI.

Interested suppliers should respond to this EOI as outlined in the specifications document. Any products and/or services under this EOI have a tentative delivery date in Q2 2023.

Scope of Work

EOIs are invited for one or more of the following products and/or services:

    1. Hardware for 55 digital chest X-ray mass screening units delivered to a site in Karachi, Pakistan. Each unit must be capable of conducting a minimum of 300 X-rays in continuous use per day. The price quoted should be on CNF as well as a DDP basis.
    2. Hardware for 15 digital chest X-ray mass screening units shipped to ports in Asia and Africa. Each unit must be capable of conducting a minimum of 300 X-rays in continuous use per day. The price quoted should be on a FOB basis using the supplier’s choice of port of loading.
    3. DICOM image storage for up to 4 million chest X-rays (local and/or online) over two years.
    4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) software for reading up to 4 million chest X-rays to screen for TB over 2 years.


Requirements, Terms and Conditions, and Submission Details:

The detailed description and specifications of products and/or services, warranty and maintenance, terms and conditions, conditions of participation in the EOI, and information on how to submit your queries and responses are available in the detailed EOI document accessible through this link: EOI- Procurement of Chest X-ray hardware & image storage solutions

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