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Call for Tender: Dosimetry Service Provider (DSP)

2nd October 2020

Lagos State Government

Ministry of Health

Interactive Research & Development, Global


The Lagos State Ministry of Health (LSMoH) is a Principal Recipient (PR) for Integrated Global Fund (GF) Grant comprising of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Resilient Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH). As the Principal Recipient, the Ministry of Health is legally responsible for the management of the integrated grant ensuring achievement of the programmatic results and accountability of the grant financial resources.

To fulfil the mandate of the Principal Recipient, the Ministry of Health has contracted Interactive Research & Development (IRD) Global to provide technical assistance for an active case finding project. IRD Global works with other implementing units (STBLCP, GMU, NNRA, RSA) within the LSMOH, specialists and other Government Agencies in executing its mandate and ensuring that the project is managed and implemented in compliance with the grant agreement signed between the GF and the PR.

IRD Global requests a tender for the following service:

Dosimetry Service Provider (DSP)

Reporting to: IRD Global

Specific objectives

  1. Act as a Dosimetry Service Provider for the duration of one year.
  2. Read and interpret quarterly Dosimetry results and advice on actions to be taken.
  3. Submit a tender document with attendant costs for the above services for six (6) Radiographers.


Duties and Responsibilities

Supply and maintenance of TL dosimetry services to personnel of LSMOH Global Fund supported TB screening project, using digital chest X-rays, where sources of ionizing radiation are in use. The DSP shall issue a pair of TL badges with identity codes to each personnel so that he/she can use one while the DSP reads the other. The maximum length of time is 3 months, i.e. quarterly. This makes the annual dose to individual and associated radiological effects convenient to assess. In addition, the DSP will allow for expansion of the contract to cover for more Radiographers as the project expands.

 Experience and Qualifications

  • Up to date NNRA accreditation
  • Based in Lagos


Closing Date: One week from the date of publication.

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