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Fighting to endTB, One Patient at a Time

29th November 2019

The sole bread-winner of a family living in Thatta, shares his story of perseverance in a pioneering MDR-TB clinical trial.

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Request For Proposal – Hiring Of Independent Monitoring Firm for School-based Deworming

7th November 2019

IRD Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited is looking for an independent monitoring firm to undertake the “Process Monitoring and Coverage Evaluation of School-Based Deworming in the 16 district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP)”.

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Innovative TB trial starts in Sindh province, Pakistan

4th November 2019

The international medical humanitarian organizations Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and Interactive Research and Development (IRD) announced today the start of a clinical trial in Pakistan that aims to find better, shorter treatments against multidrug-resistant forms of tuberculosis (MDR-TB).

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Request for Proposals – Independent Consultant for Designing Android Application

10th August 2019

IRD Pakistan is looking for an independent consultant for the design of an android application which will use gamification to train vaccinators.

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Request for Proposal – Independent Monitoring Firm for School-based Deworming

8th August 2019

IRD Pakistan is looking for an independent monitoring firm to undertake the Process Monitoring and Coverage Evaluation of School-Based Deworming in 16 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

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Call for Expression of Interest-Independent Monitoring Firm for School-based Deworming

11th July 2019

IRD Pakistan is looking for an independent monitoring firm to undertake the Process Monitoring and Coverage Evaluation of School-Based Deworming in 16 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

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Call for Expression of Interest – Independent Survey Firm for School-Based Deworming

18th October 2018

Interactive Research and Development Pakistan (IRD Pakistan) is looking for an independent evaluation firm to undertake the “Process Monitoring and Coverage Evaluation of School-Based Deworming in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) in Pakistan".

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Call for Expression of Interest – Challenge TB Bangladesh

29th January 2018

The Challenge TB (CTB) Project is the flagship global initiative for implementing USAID’s TB strategy and is being implemented in 22 countries including Bangladesh by a unique coalition of nine international organizations in TB control.

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Joint Statement on STREAM Stage One MDR-TB Clinical Trial Results

19th October 2017

Partners In Health (PIH), Interactive Research and Development (IRD) and the Zero TB Initiative (ZTBI) welcome the release of the interim results from the STREAM Stage 1 clinical trial. This is the first clinical trial of a new treatment regimen for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), and we congratulate the investigators for successfully conducting it. Unfortunately, we have noticed much confusion about the results of this clinical trial, both in the lay press and in the countries in which we work.

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Adopting a Holistic Approach to Tackle TB Comorbidities

6th July 2017

Fighting off a disease like TB has never been easy since it often comes coupled with issues of stigmatization, discrimination and other health related challenges to individuals who are suffering from it. It is estimated that 51 % of TB patients suffer from comorbid conditions like depression and anxiety due to the fear of social isolation and stress caused by prolonged treatments. Likewise, diabetes, another comorbid condition of TB, suppresses the human immune system and severely affects TB treatment outcomes.

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Integrating Smoking Cessation Interventions in Routine TB Care & Treatment

24th June 2017

Tobacco smoking significantly increases the risk of Tuberculosis (TB) infection, disease and mortality. The World Health Organization estimates that greater than 20% of the global burden of TB may be attributable to smoking. 

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Building Support Systems within Communities to Prevent and Treat TB

15th June 2017

Disease and poverty are affecting millions of lives in low income communities of Pakistan. Poor working conditions, unemployment, food insecurity, stress and illiteracy are some of the key social determinants of health that, if not improved, leave a severe impact on the lives of TB patients. If a patient’s surroundings lack socio-economic support systems, there is a decreased chance of attaining desired results during or after treatment.

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Empowering Frontline Health Workers to Improve Maternal and Child Health Outcomes

29th April 2017

Frontline Health Workers form the backbone of the health system in LMICs. They are the first contact for primary health care for millions of under served people, yet are burdened by archaic paper systems. Governments struggle to supervise this large workforce, ensure data quality and timeliness of reporting, guarantee appropriate and equitable care under low resource conditions. Time spent on paperwork undermines the quality and coverage of essential services.

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Leading medical organizations team up to bring new TB treatments to those in need

20th March 2017

endTB will provide access to new anti-TB drugs for more than 3,000 people and run clinical trials to identify safer and more effective treatments.

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Galvanizing Adolescent School Girls to Join the Fight Against TB

6th March 2017

Research shows a unfortunate trend of young adolescent girls in low income populations being particularly vulnerable to Tuberculosis (TB) in Pakistan.

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Impacting over 45,000 individuals through a novel mental health program in Pakistan

8th February 2017

Mental Health is an overlooked and neglected part of healthcare. The Pakistani healthcare system is still struggling to provide primary and secondary healthcare causing mental health services to be pushed on the back burner. With rapid urbanization, disparity of health services and growing socio economic divide – the emphasis of mental health services becomes increasingly important.

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Request for Quotations for eHealth and mHealth Software Development

25th January 2017

IRD is seeking proposals for software vendors to develop eHealth and mHealth applications for its role in the USAID-funded Challenge TB project.

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IRD South Africa launches innovative Childhood TB program

25th January 2017

Interactive Research and Development South Africa (IRD SA) is a proud recipient of the TB Reach Wave 5 funding. IRD SA will be implementing a program focusing on identifying children under 5 with TB and people living with HIV. The program is titled “Accelerate and Strengthen the Pediatric, Neonatal and Perinatal cycle for TB and HIV Care and Improve Post-Exposure Management”.

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